About strongTEAS

strongTEAS is the result of many years of tea drinking enjoyment with several fortuitous “accidents” along the way.  

The first was traveling to the far east, in particular Thailand, and noticing that the tea had a much stronger taste and aroma than what I was used to.  I learned ultimately that this was due to the freshness due to proximity as well as superior packing techniques

The use of vitamins came about as result of desperation and curiosity

Desperation as a result of none of the “so-called” vitamin drinks having the desired effect.  A chemist friend would later explain that the ingredients can degrade each other over time as well the natural degradation that happens when many vitamins are exposed to water or air.

Curiosity as I wondered if there was a way to create a vitamin tea that actual worked.  I found through several experiments that keeping the supplement separate from the tea until the last possible moment, along with vacuum sealing the teabags after production, preserved much of the potency and gave the desired effect that I had been searching for.  

I’m sure you’ll enjoy both simpliTEAS and composiTEAS and they wlll become a pleasant addition to your daily routine