Always: Organic, vacuum-sealed TEAS



These mixtures of tea leaves and herbs are packed as quickly as possible f when they arrive from the far east and vacuum sealed.  This not only preserves the aroma, taste and color but also the potency for maximum health benefits and a truly unique drinking experience

Our Unique 2-part Teabag system combines the best of both the worlds of modern supplementation along with the ancient and proven practices of combining herbs and tea for health

Our Dual-sectioned tea bags keep the ingredients separate which serves a couple of important advantages: 

  • keeps the ingredients from destroying one another (why you feel the same after drinking most vitamin tea products)
  • The supplements do not touch water until you are ready to drinl which preserves their potency
  • As the products are packed as soon as they arrive the tea and herbs maintain their freshness and potency.
  • You control the amount of sweetener ( if any) you use
  • The freshness of the tea preserves the aroma which does a fine job of covering up that “vitamany” smell


Unparellelled, freshness, aroma and taste

These teas are packed fresh, vacuum sealed and shipped fast so that:

  • The aroma is preserved along with the taste.
  • The potency of the added herbs can have give you the maximum benefit.