Always: Organic, vacuum-sealed TEAS



These mixtures of tea leaves and herbs are packed as quickly as possible  when they arrive from the far east and vacuum sealed.  This not only preserves the aroma, taste and color but also the potency for maximum health benefits and a truly unique drinking experience

Our Unique 2-part Teabag system combines the best of both the worlds of modern supplementation along with the ancient and proven practices of combining herbs and tea for health


Combinations for Potency

Our Dual-sectioned tea bags keep the ingredients separate which serves a couple of important advantages: 

  • keeps the ingredients from destroying one another (a reason why you feel the same after drinking most vitamin tea products)
  • The supplements do not touch water until you are ready to drink – which preserves their potency
  • As the products are packed as soon as they arrive the tea and herbs maintain their freshness and potency
  • YOU control the amount of sweetener ( if any) you use
  • The freshness of the tea preserves the aroma which does a fine job of covering up that “vitamany” smell without the use of artificial flavors or sweeteners


Unparellelled, freshness, aroma and taste

These teas are packed fresh, vacuum sealed and shipped fast so that:

  • The aroma is preserved along with the taste
  • The potency of the added herbs can have give you the maximum benefit

strongTEAS was began with the mission of creating the experience of freshness and potency of TEA as if you were in the Far East. 

The  reality of experiencing fresh tea picked that close to the source proved to be far superior to any experience regarding TEA domestically.

It was this experience that provided the drive for simpliTEAS which are, quite simply, the freshest and most potent tea I’ve ever experienced.  Packaged and vacuum sealed as soon as possible after arrival preserves the potency to allow for maximum benefit 

composiTEAS grew out of a frustration of trying to find a way to enjoy supplementation without having to take so many pills! 

Wouldn’t  it be nice to enjoy them with my tea?

After an extended (and frustrating) period of time, a chemist friend explained how the tea and supplement sitting together will cause BOTH to lessen in effectiveness.  

Thus the 2-part bag was created to solve this problem

It is my hope that you will come to enjoy simpliTEAS and composiTEAS as much as we have creating them.